We had a horse riding again today,scott and cherry came together with us this time. Cherry was so happy that she got a chance to rode horse. Scott had ridden horse in China before. He is a good rider.

Besides riding, we talked a lot about AQIS this time. There are two vets in the AQIS in PVE. One work for day shift, another work for the night shift. If the vet can't work then the abattoir can't kill the lamb. So Australian government takes it seriously. The AQIS really manages the quarantine and controls the quality.

Besides, there is a area vet manages the north of the NSW. She comes once a month. Everytime she comes, all the staff of PVE become nervous. Everyone is quiet and no more makes a joke. That's very weird, but i feel it's very funny.

At night, i went to max's house. We played monopoly. Max had a old style monopoly. And it's from England. So the name of the street on the monopoly is English street. The rule of the old style monopoly is so simple. Just like i played the monopoly when i was a child. We played one round and I had a great night.monopoly

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