I live a simple and easy life in this small town. Every weekdays, I wake up in the morning, and then help to prepare the food for the lunch and dinner. After lunch, i go to work at about quarter pass two. And then finish the work at about eleven thirty. When i arrive home, sometimes it's already twelve o'clock ,sometimes even up to one o'clock. And then i eat something and go to take a shower. When i go to bed ,it's always over one ro two o'clock. Day by Day. The life is so simple that make me feel boring. We all agree that. So we think we have to change it somehow.

At the invitation of my friend of RDA, We have a new hobby now .Play tennis.

When i was young, i have played tennis once. i played tennis so bad that moment. Just one round ,my friend's brother didn't want to play with me anymore. i was so sad. i thought i was not a good player.Untill i've came to Oz. i played tennis one more time in Renmark. i was surprised that i played not so bad. i think the reason is due to some play skill transfered from table tennis. So when they invite us to play tennis, i was so glad and appreciated their invitation.

4 days ago, my tooth came out. i had asked a couple of friends about the dentist. Jemmy told me about the price, steve from AQIS told me a good dentist he knew and Max told me a information from newspaper that there was a new dentist on the street. so i decided to asked the new dentist about the price first. They said that it will have three things to do, inspection, X-Ray and filling. So the total price among 300 dollars. That's so expensive. So i hoped the dentist who steve told me would be a good one. So i made a call. But they couldn't tell me how much i will be charged before they saw the situation. so all i can do was trusted steve. so i made an appointment. The dentist is so popular. The date was 6th August. It meant that i had to wait for 2 weeks.Oh my God, what could i do if i got a pain in 2 weeks. Cross fingers.

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