In the morning, one of them couldn't stand the situation any more.She talked to her, but the situation still didn't change. Just someone expressed the feeling and thinking to another one. So it even did not close to the communication. Untill the time we went back home, she talked to us and said sorry and made a decision. However, i was so unsatisfied with the decision she made. So i thought i should expressed the anger to let her knew how unsatisfied i was. So then i pulled over the car and got off immediately. However, the situation was out of control. After i got off the car, everyone got off the car also. We just left the car on the road. And then i regretted what i've done, i just wanna expressed how angry i was ,i didn't want the situation out of control.i went back to the car and then follow's dangerous to let anyone of them walked around at night. Althought we still had a quarrel on the road. But it's really too late to stayed there. it would be just fine that all of us got in the car and went back home first. we can talk everything at home. i was hoping after we all calm down, we could have a talk again.

But it's hard to asked her got in the car. She still got angry. she didn't want to see us anymore. she'd like us leave her alone. So all we can do were follow her. we were afraid that she will get into trouble. However, we failed. she got out of our sight in the shopping mall. we couldn't find her and she didn't answer the phone. I thought she might go to backpackers for one night. But in her opinion she won't stay there. instead, she would walk home. And then, it's just like what she said . she was on the way home. so we picked her up. finally, all of us got back home safely. But I had no idea what will happen tomorrow. the worst situation maybe we couldn't live together anymore.

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