They had an apointment with Diktor for fix uncertain problem in his computer today. Diktor suggested that we went to his house first. After then he will tell us what the problem is.

Diktor is one of PVE fellow. He is from Sudan, 29 years old, a very funny guy. His position is pull out the organs and heart, cut the belly and dig a hole from ass. He always makes a joke or yells to somebody"Do you wanna fight!!!""What are you doing that for?" So others always like to make a joke with him as well. you know the job i do is totally boring, but the positions around him always have a good laugh. So, at the begining i wore white apron, i pulled the kidney out beside him. The position was just around him. So sometimes i felt interesting working with him. He made time passed quickly.

Back to what gonna happen today, at the begining, we followed the address which Diktor wrote down on the paper to arrived his house. He was answering the phone, and there was a woman sitting in the car in front of him. And then i saw a baby in the backseat. I was wondering who the woman and baby were. Did they have certain relationship to Diktor. Probably did, in my observation. But i didn't know the exact relationship they were.

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