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今天到skycity打工,原本以為是在skycity做buffet  runner的工作,沒想到我們這一群今天去上班的人是到V8的賽車場做buffe runner的工作,可以親身蒞臨現場看賽車比賽,真的是令我太興奮了,雀躍不已,但是不幸的是我比須快速的將餐點送到每一個棚子內,因此對於賽車的狀況只能邊送菜邊偷喵,一眼一眼撇一下,無法盡興,相當可惜,最不幸的是我的工作崗位是分配到洗餐盤,所以只能在後台一直洗餐盤一直洗餐盤,從十二點半洗到四點,一開始只有四個人洗,洗到後來一大堆人洗,整個就是一團亂。

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I bought a second hand bicycle this evening . It cost me 70 dollars. Not so bad. A lifestyle with bicycle in Darwin sounds what I like.

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It‘s a big favour from my friend, he told me about the job the day before yesterday. I was asked to work since this morning. This was my first long terms job in Australia. This morning, I went to the company by myself . When I arrived there, I saw another Taiwanese guy come to work for the first day, and then we met Jim.   He is a leader of the  labourer . He decided to pick me to work with him. And that Taiwanese guy stayed in the factory which is behind the company. And then I jumped in the car , we all the way came back to the city. And then we arrived a construction which is near the post office and beside Mantra hotel.

The first day, they put me into the fourth floor and fifth floor. So all the day I went from fourth floor up to fifth floor, and from fifth floor down to fourth floor.  All the things I did was quite simple. I didn’t  need to be rush. All I did just take me time to do all the thing well. It’s good .

After worked, all the friends came back to the chilli’s backpackers , we talked about the working. Vicky cried in the first work day. She said it’s quite hard for her to remember all the meal from the menu. She had got to much stress.    

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A friend told me that I could put the sticker in the passport in  the Department of  Immigration and Citizenship. The sticker is about the E-VISA of Australia. Although I  don’t need the sticker to prove that I am legal to enter this country. Whatever, I have nothing to do. And my passport has so many blank pages. So let’s do it. At least, it can prove me that I have been to this country.

Because I have got a job to being a buffet runner in Skycity. So first of al,l I need a black pants and shoes, so I went to Casuarina with Vicky for shoes. And the pants, I could get the pants from Sam, he got a one without using.

Since we went to Casuarina for something, it‘s better we stayed longer to find something new. We had heard that there will be more chance to find a job in Casuarina, so we decided to walk around. We had tried a couple of shop, and then we had found one in the Japanese bar Sushi. It‘s really excited. We got a job , a real job , a job which can work for a long term. It‘s really a good news, I was happy for her.

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After Sam talked to Nia, I could stay here for one more week, but I havet to pay $85/w, well, that is fine. It's cheaper than backpackers.

這一天聽說 Midle Beach有煙火的施放,因此我們一群人一起約去看煙火秀,已經沒有很深刻的印象是幾點過去那邊的,只記得那天的煙火相當漂亮,第一次在澳洲看煙火,很特別,大家很似乎很專注的看煙火,我也很專注的看煙火,現在已經想不起來週遭有哪些聲音,很深刻的是那時候感覺很安靜,只有煙火聲,心情很輕鬆,煙火相當的亮眼,相當漂亮。

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